Tuesday, February 1, 2011

word seeks, yes, word seeks

I can't help it; I love the Word Seeks puzzles. Yeah, it's kind of mindless; yes, I should be writing. But during my 25-minute train ride to work, I'm lucky if I'm not sleeping.

So, imagine my surprise when I came across Puzzle #69 in the Super Word Seeks issue dated October 15, 2010. The name of the puzzle is "...Towns". "Abandoned U.S. boom towns are monuments to the rough-and-tumble days of the Old West. Among the most famous of these ghost towns is Virginia City, Nevada, which had been a mining metropolis in the late 1800s." Funny, I hadn't thought of Virginia City and Jerome, AZ as the precursor to Detroit and Gary, Indiana. OK, well maybe I had, just a little bit. Print out the photo from above and search for the words "deserted", "ruins", "explore", and "tumbleweeds"!

For a listing of ghost towns around the country, visit the fine website www.ghosttowns.com. Did you know that ghost towns were this common?!

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